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With a passion for technology and creative solutions, we deliver Managed IT Services, High Speed Internet Connectivity and IT Consulting in London, mostly for small to medium-sized businesses with between 10 and 200 employees.

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Maximise your technology expertise

Get Personalised Advice

Customised advice to help you make the right decisions that are best for your company, and your situation.

Choose Convenience

Start small. Start slowly. Scale as you need. Add specialist IT skills without increasing headcount.

Improve Productivity

Maximise productivity and collaboration across the business. Keep employees happy with IT that works.

Strengthen IT Security

Strengthen Cyber Security

We first work to improve the effectiveness of your security and ensure we can restore operations in the case of an emergency or cyber attack. Malware, spyware, hacking, or customer data loss due to breaches can all pose a serious hazard to any small business. We then deliver expertise and user security training to further help mitigate risks.

24/7 Stability & Assurance

24/7 Stability & Assurance

You partner with IT experts. We are trained to provide everything, but not limited to Help Desk support, backup recovery, infrastructure management, firewall and virus protection, WAN/LAN monitoring, a secure virtual environment and more.
We proactively manage your IT needs, addressing any problems so that you’re free to focus on running your business.

Plan for the future

Plan for the Future

Trends in digital transformation are drastically changing the operations of small business. Digitization, the cloud, remote working, business analytics, automation and green IT are all creating new possibilities that can improve customer offerings, and give you the competitive edge. We let you take control of these initiatives to drive your business to success.

The Techsolve DNA

Providing IT Support and Solutions since 2006

We care for everything that makes you, you. We invest in understanding your business, anticipating issues and technology needs, so we can deliver the right support to help your business thrive.

We’ve been involved in IT for a significant time, and although we will never profess to know all the answers immediately, our work with a broad range of companies, from start-ups to blue chips gives us the experience to quickly identify the right solutions for our customers – solutions that deliver measurable results.

Discover How we work

IT Excellence.

We take pride in our work and continually seek to improve our skills for your benefit.

We learn from, and partner with, the industry’s leading experts. If there is no immediate and obvious solution, we don’t give up. It’s the only way we know.

Frequently Asked Questions

For today’s small business, the time to start outsourcing and entrusting their IT services to a qualified partner vastly differs. Companies can sometimes manage the IT for up to 50, even 100+ staff by using the skills of their own tech-minded employees, or ‘just figuring it out as they go’. However, without expertise, SMBs tend to struggle with their technology investments through poor acquisition, poor implementation, and without a clear strategy. Whatever your situation, Techsolve can help you get started.

The average cost of IT support for a small business can vary greatly across London. Other than the IT services we at Techsolve offer, you’ve no doubt seen that there’s also a myriad of other options available to you. We’ve done some leg work on your behalf and put together an honest appraisal of the cost of IT support for businesses in London, detailing the range of fees you can expect to pay depending on the route you decide to go down. We hope you find this useful.

An outsourced partner should actually care about their client’s business success. You should expect a personalised service that recognises your own company’s particular needs and get a sense that a partner can anticipate problems before they occur. Avoid anyone who tries to drown you in IT jargon and is unable to demonstrate how IT can be clearly aligned to business outcomes.

A tour of any small business highlights how IT solutions are critical to business success. Techsolve helps those that want to improve business productivity and employee collaboration by removing any IT issues that affect the stability of systems and applications that are relied on to communicate, collaborate, organise, process, report on and more. By improving the security of a business, we minimize the risk, stress and cost of a potential data breach or non-compliance. Strong security also helps SMBs build trust with their business partners and end customers, which in turn helps close more deals. And for any business who wants to quickly and seamlessly adopt new technology, we minimise the problems typically associated with deploying and integrating with existing technologies, so new capabilities, improved efficiency or reduced costs are achieved – thus gaining a competitive edge.

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