Great IT support is just around The Corner

As an independent London-based creative agency, The Corner helps brands find a meaningful role in the world, through what they say and what they do. Winner of multiple creative industry awards, The Corner brings creative, strategy, design, research, data, and cx together in one team to support the whole brand, not just a few choice bits.

  • Process optimisation
  • Hybrid working enablement
  • Technology consolidation
  • Strategic advice
  • Personalised service

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The Corner Lonodn's offices

IT support worth investing in

How trust lies at the heart of Techsolve’s relationship with an award-winning financial marketing consultancy

  • Proactive IT Support for international teams
  • Prioritisation of cybersecurity
  • Office technology revamp
  • Strategic advice

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White Marble's Office

Extraordinary IT support for the curators of extraordinary travel

London-based SMB cazenove+loyd specialises in jealousy-inducing, highly exclusive ‘holidays of a lifetime’ to fascinating destinations across Africa, the Indian Ocean, Central and South America, Asia, the Middle East, Australasia, and the Polar Regions.

  • Cloud migration
  • Office relocation
  • Strategic IT planning
  • Quarterly technology business reviews
  • Personalised service

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Cazenove+Loyd Beach Picnic

Understanding the commercial property world — the key to our success with Metrus

Commercial property company Metrus is one of London’s leading independent property advisors. “Comprehensive expertise. Tailored service. Exceptional market insight.” That’s the company’s strapline.

  • Internet-ready, connected buildings
  • End-to-end process facilitation
  • Building management & reception connectivity
  • Tenant management
  • Internet service provider (ISP) management

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