Category: Remote Working

Making Remote Work, Work!
23rd September 2020

Making remote work, work! – with Microsoft Teams

Check out this infographic which outlines some suggestions to empower remote employees as they use Teams to embrace online communication, stay focused, share content, and stay connected. View: Making remote work, work! - with Microsoft ...

Be More Effective Working from Home
21st September 2020

5 Top Tips on How to Be More Efficient While Working From Home

This article that we found on Entrepreneur highlights 5 ways that remote workers can be more efficient at home. There are some insightful tips here on how to optimise time away from the office by establishing a routine, determining prior...

Microsoft Teams - Key Features
11th August 2020

Introducing Microsoft Teams: empowering remote work

This flyer highlights some of the key features in Microsoft Teams that allow customers to stay connected, collaborate, and increase productivity—all in one place. The flyer also offers ideas on how customers can use Teams to make remote ...

Staying productive while working remotely from home
30th July 2020

Staying productive while working remotely with Microsoft Teams

With the COVID-19 outbreak turning a massive amount of the global workforce to remote work, everyone is adjusting to meetings, chatting, and collaborating exclusively online. This blog post shares the top tips from the team behind Teams ...

27th July 2020

How to maintain your mental health while working from home

During this uncertain time, it's increasingly important for people to take care of their mental health. This article from Fast Company offers suggestions to maintain mental health while working remotely. Tips range from acknowledging the...

22nd July 2020

Remote working checklist

This infographic provides helpful guidance on how to be productive and maintain healthy boundaries while working from home. View: Remote working checklist

Welcome to Teams
21st July 2020

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

This video is a quick introduction on how to use Microsoft Teams. The tutorial highlights such features as channels, chat, calls, and files. Watch this video to see how Teams can help your employees collaborate and stay organised. ...

Say hello to Microsoft Teams
26th June 2020

Say hello to Microsoft Teams

Watch this on-demand training series to see real-world scenarios of Microsoft Teams in action. Learn about the advantages of Teams including staying connected with teammates during remote work, collaborating on documents, and managing pr...