Allica Bank exists to help UK SMEs succeed
9th February 2021

How Microsoft Tools Have Helped a UK Challenger Bank to Succeed

Allica Bank delivers on the ambition to empower SMEs by providing a full suite of digitally enhanced financial products. In order to do this, they are powered by modern technology and tools but built on real human relationships and trust...

A new world of work
8th February 2021

New World of Work

Discover how organisations are changing the world of work by using collaboration tools and keeping people at the heart of their business. Learn how Allica Bank, Thales, and University of Lincoln have encouraged anywhere productivity, and...

What does the new world of work look like?
3rd February 2021

What does the new world of work look like?

People are the heartbeat of your business. Discover how to empower everyone to achieve more with the right tools, technology, talent, and leadership.

Embracing the New World of Work
1st February 2021

Embracing the New World of Work

Discover the ways technology and effective leadership can help you empower everyone to work in their best way, driving innovation and creativity for sustainable growth. View: Embracing the New World of Work

Prevent data leaks
5th January 2021

Prevent data leaks

Got a spare £2.66 Million loose change? That's the global average cost of a data breach. Is your company prepared to deal with the aftermath of a cyberattack? Many businesses struggle with preventive measures that block the sharing of...

business internet for commercial landlords
27th November 2020

Business Internet costs for commercial landlords in London

Increasingly Internet connectivity is seen as the fourth utility for businesses in London. Internet access is a key component for business success; without a fast and reliable Internet connection, a business risks becoming less competiti...