Be prepared for the unthinkable

Without Business Continuity, It's Not Just Your Data in Jeopardy

Ensuring you have systems and plans in place for effective backup and recovery is of paramount importance. If a disaster or malware attack were to happen to your business, either corrupting or making inaccessible your business systems and files, our solutions can retrieve your systems and files within minutes meaning that there is minimal impact on your day to day operations – saving you money and your brand.

Our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Options to best fit what your business requires

  • Local Backup – Your server files are backed up in a storage device located in your office
  • Local Virtualization – If the principle server fails, your business infrastructure will be able to seamlessly run off your local backup device until the principal server is repaired or replaced and your infrastructure is restored, all with little or no downtime.
  • Cloud Backup – Your server files are backed up to a secure remote cloud location.
  • Cloud Virtualization – If the principle server fails and no local virtualization is possible, your infrastructure will run from the remote cloud location.

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Our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Advanced Options

  • Advanced Backup Verification – Automatic verification that backups will boot with all data intact and no ransomware – giving 100% confidence in successful backups.
  • Ransomware Detection & Recovery – Backups are stored in a secure location and scanned to ensure no ransomware is present. If you fall victim to ransomware, you can simply ‘turn back the clock’ to a snapshot before the attack happened.

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SaaS Protection for Office 365 and G Suite

Protecting Your Data No Matter What

Insure your business against data loss across G Suite and Office 365, including Gmail, Google Drive, Team Drives, Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint. Any emails or files lost due to user error, malicious activity or Microsoft or Google outages can be restored quickly.