Our IT Management & Support Services

  • IT help desk for your employees
  • Remote system management
  • In-person IT servicing and support for Central London businesses
  • Keeping your business software and hardware up to date and operating
  • 24/7 network and server support
  • Cybersecurity and data protection
  • Cloud backup and archiving
  • VoIP and telephony services
  • Digital transformation and strategic IT planning
  • And all your business IT needs

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What Are Managed IT Services?

Traditional IT support is based on a “break-fix” system, where businesses would have to find a third-party IT technician to repair or provide help desk support when issues arise. Managed IT services allows companies to have dedicated IT support that’s “always on” and are able to quickly fix problems and answer questions more dynamically.

Managed IT service providers can greatly reduce the risk of issues occurring in the first place by constantly monitoring your IT infrastructure remotely. They also routinely carry out hardware and software service audits to ensure your systems are functioning effectively.

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Benefits of a Using IT Management Service

More and more businesses are moving over to using a managed IT service provider as they are able to:

  • Offer better range and flexibly of IT services.
  • Deliver quicker IT issue response times compared to third-party support systems.
  • Reduce the chances of issues arising due to remote monitoring.
  • 24/7 network and server monitoring that better ensure your systems stay online and are always backed up.
  • Provide continued software and hardware servicing.
  • Have a pool of IT experts with a wide range of experience across a number of industries.
  • Reduce costs compared to having an in-house IT department. Here at Techsolve, our managed IT service is available for fixed fee, allowing for predictable budgeting and cost management.

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Remote & In-Person Servicing for London Businesses

As we are based in Central London we are able to provide both remote and in-person IT support for your business. Here at Techsolve we firmly believe we offer the best managed IT service in London as we are able to monitor your IT systems 24/7 while also being able to make physical visits to your office. This availability allows us to offer in-person IT support to employees while also being to fix hardware issues as soon as they arise.

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24/7 Network & Server Support

Our remote and in-person network monitoring helps keep your business operating and safe from cyber attacks.

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Business Software & Hardware Services

With our managed IT service you get bespoke software and hardware solutions and in-person IT support for these systems as soon as you need them.

Find out more about our business software services.

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VoIP & Telephony Services

Having a dedicated IT service with Techsolve means we can install VoIP systems and provide on-going management for your business's entire telephony system.

Find out more about our VoIP services.

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Remote Working Support For Staff

Our specialists are able to deliver practical and secure remote working solutions whilst also providing managed support services for your home working employees.

Find out more about our remote working services.

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Cloud Business Solutions & Services

We provide bespoke software advice and ongoing IT managed services for all your cloud computing systems.

Find out more about our cloud business solutions.

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Cybersecurity & Data Protection

From staff awareness training to fully secure cyber attack prevention systems, our fully dedicated IT management service keeps your company’s data safe and compliant with the latest GDPR requirements.

Find out more about our cybersecurity services.

Why Choose Techsolve

We have been helping small businesses and commercial property owners in Central London since 2006. Our dedicated team of experts have vast experience across a wide range of industries and always provide bespoke IT solutions for your unique business needs.

We are able to support all business IT needs. From strategy and consulting to practical in-person or remote support, we do it all and firmly believe we do it better than most IT companies out there.

Based In Central London

Our Headquarters in Central London allows us to easily deliver in-person IT system servicing, support, and staff training for London based businesses when needed.

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Techsolve is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and we’ll only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you requested from us.