Voice calls over a telephone line

Although not many companies use PBXs any more, because PBXs limit you to just voice calls over a telephone network, they’re still a part of our mix and if the right scenario arises, we’ve not forgotten about them!

Man dialling numbers of telephone handset

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Voice calls over the Internet

Many small businesses have moved over to IP PBX, which is similar to a traditional PBX except you can do calls over the Internet as well as through a traditional telephone line. The benefit of that is that you can make take calls from your laptop and not tie yourself into any particular phone company.

Man on a business call using a headset


Unified voice and video calls over the Internet

“Unified communications as a service” (UCaaS) combines the traditional capabilities of PBX and IP PBX phone systems with video conferencing technologies, so everything works together all from the same system.

Team on a video conference call

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