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30th June 2020

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Don't let the end of support for Windows 7 and Office 2010 put productivity and customer data at risk. Go modern with Microsoft to unlock and foster better collaboration, remain secure and reduce costs. Subscribe now to learn how Mic...

Anne from Think Up explaining how they benefit from using Microsoft 365
29th June 2020

Customer Story: Think Up Consulting

Think Up Consulting is a young, fast-growing agency based in Greenville, South Carolina. The agency specializes in brand strategy, change management and strategic consulting to help global brands make deep, lasting connections with custo...

Say hello to Microsoft Teams
26th June 2020

Say hello to Microsoft Teams

Watch this on-demand training series to see real-world scenarios of Microsoft Teams in action. Learn about the advantages of Teams including staying connected with teammates during remote work, collaborating on documents, and managing pr...

A day in the life of a remote worker
24th June 2020

A day in the life of a remote worker

This infographic outlines a day in the life of a remote worker using Microsoft Teams to collaborate, create, and be more productive while working at home. See how Daria uses multiple features to stay connected with the team and work effi...

Using Microsoft Team when Working from Home
19th June 2020

4 simple tips for working from home with Microsoft Teams

This blog from Microsoft outlines four best practices for working from home and using Teams to make your remote work productive. Tips include details on making the most of your virtual meetings, reminders on being inclusive, advice on us...

Microsoft Teams
15th June 2020

Stay Connected with Teams

This video highlights how Teams helps people stay connected—even while social distancing. It briefly and visually covers a variety of Microsoft Teams features, showing you how to communicate and collaborate e...

Presenting the 6 phases of COVID-19 Planning and Response
26th May 2020

The 6 Phases of COVID-19 Planning and Response

The COVID-19 crisis has forced businesses to have to adjust quickly to a very different climate. We believe it is important to provide some context to help successfully navigate these uncharted waters. This guide outlines the different p...

Checklist For Reopening Your Offices Post COVID-19 Lockdown
18th May 2020

Checklist For Reopening Your Offices Post COVID-19 Lockdown

The news that lockdown restrictions are progressively being lifted is, on the face of it, good for our personal wellbeing and for the economy. However, as with all change, it is best to plan a strategy as to how to navigate it. Thi...