Microsoft Office 365 is not your File Backup Solution

Laptop and Office 365 logo

Are you an Office 365 user?

Like millions of other people globally, you are likely using Microsoft’s Office 365 platform as part of your day to day business. Whether that’s for email, file storage or collaboration with team members, you’ll have data residing in Microsoft’s cloud service.

Office 365 helps us to be more effective, work from anywhere and with anyone, with minimal fuss at any time. However, like all cloud platforms, having your data within Office 365 doesn’t mean it’s entirely backed up.

There is a great misconception that you do not need to worry about backup if you are using a cloud service provider, like Office 365. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


How can I protect my Office 365 data?

Whether working from the cloud or from an old-style file server within your office premises, you will only have a single copy of your Office 365 file data. The only thing that’s changed is where you access that data from.

Granted, your data is less vulnerable to hardware failure and will be more readily available for access than ever before. However, it is just as vulnerable to accidental deletion, cyber-attack, corruption, or complete loss.

By default, cloud operators will not take responsibility for any disaster that results in the loss or corruption of your files, even with a hardware failure on their infrastructure. Best case, they may refund you your license fee for that month but you won’t get your data back.

So we highly recommend that you put an Office 365 backup service in place so that you can restore your data in the event of a disaster, to retain ex-employee files without having to keep paying for their user license, or to recover files which a staff member may have intentionally or accidentally deleted.


What solution should we use?

There are a number of vendors that with products that backup from and restore to Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite. We are happy to discuss the benefits of our preferred option.


Want to get the best protection for your business?

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