5th October 2020

Customer Story: Clifton Coffee Overview

In the past, Clifton Coffee Roasters found communication among team members was extremely disjointed, so it was challenging for team members to connect in an efficient manner. And as the business expanded and more employees were onboarde...

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29th September 2020

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Businesses experience a 15% reduction in downtime when using resources available in #Microsoft #Teamworksolutions. The benefit to your company productivity can be huge. Want to propel your business forward and change the way your team...

Clifton Coffee Roasters coffee plantation
28th September 2020

Customer Story: Clifton Coffee

Clifton Coffee Roasters (CCR) is a popular coffee company that profited from the recent boom in café culture. As Clifton Coffee Roasters' business grew, so did the company leaders' ambitions. They credit digital business and communicatio...

4 teamwork tips
25th September 2020

Breakthrough teamwork tools: 4 tips to identify what works for you

This eBook takes a deep dive into how employers can achieve even more with their already successful teams. Collaboration and easy communication are increasingly important—especially as more people are working from home. Read how to use t...

Making Remote Work, Work!
23rd September 2020

Making remote work, work! – with Microsoft Teams

Check out this infographic which outlines some suggestions to empower remote employees as they use Teams to embrace online communication, stay focused, share content, and stay connected. View: Making remote work, work! - with Microsoft ...

Be More Effective Working from Home
21st September 2020

5 Top Tips on How to Be More Efficient While Working From Home

This article that we found on Entrepreneur highlights 5 ways that remote workers can be more efficient at home. There are some insightful tips here on how to optimise time away from the office by establishing a routine, determining prior...

The Business Case for the Cloud
16th September 2020

4 Reasons Businesses Should Make the Move

Are you considering moving to the cloud? As global competition heats up and customers demand more innovative solutions, businesses are adopting cloud services at an increasing pace. What if you could lower your costs, increase product...